System Requirements

What you will need

Registered users will have access to all the multimedia elements for the lessons.

To hear the audio clips, see vocabulary images, or other media you will need the latest version of a modern browser on your computer or mobile device.

A modern browser on a computer or mobile device, the lessons, and a willingness to learn Samoan is all you will need!

To make leaning fun and easy we are using the power of the Internet. The media player will allow you to hear and sometimes see the language. The following list will explain what the media items can do to aid the learning process.

Dialogue and vocabulary audio

Every dialogue and vocabulary word will be available for you to listen to and memorize.

This icon button will appear when a sound clip is available. During the lessons press the icon and listen.

The audio recordings of the vocabulary and dialogue are to aid proper pronunciation. Many native English speakers have a difficult time speaking Samoan from written text. This is mostly due to the fact that in Samoan all the vowels have a voice. To make learning the language easier we have recorded the saying for you to hear. We encourage you to listen to the audio (frequently if needed) and repeat what you hear like a parrot (intonations, emphasis, and all).

Listening to the audio will also aid in hearing and understanding a Samoan speaker. You can read the text as you listen to the audio. This can help you differentiate between words. This ability to differentiate will allow you to recognize the words used by people you know in contexts other than those in the lessons.

To enhance learning we have included a media item that will display an image for each vocabulary word in random order. This resource should be used often. It will enhance site recognition and the appropriate Samoan word to be used.

The purpose of the random vocabulary is helpful for keeping the content fresh. It is easy to slack off when we know the order of things; it can breed complacency. As the images are displayed randomly the mind is forced into use, defeating the tendency for complacency.

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