Language Media

We’ve broken each lesson into seven areas.

Fast Phrases

These will be phrases you can and should begin to use around the house. They will be comprised of commands, responses, and formalities that will aid your mind in converting to Fa’asamoa ( The Samoan Way).


Twenty words per lesson with the accompanying English translation.  Memorizing these will be your key to fluency.


This is the random vocabulary player.  You will see pictures representing the 20 vocabulary words for the lesson.  Each time you press “Start Media”, the words will be displayed in random order.  Watching and listening to this resource will increase the speed at which you make the vocabulary words your own.

Audio Quiz

This is to test your listening skills. Random vocabulary words will be spoken to you. You must answer from the definitions provided in the vocabulary section you will have studied.


If vocabulary is the key then sentences will be your door.  We will provide sentences that can be used with the vocabulary words learned from past and present lessons. 


This is where we explain the rules that govern the Samoan language that are being taught in the lesson. We will try to keep the explanation as simple as possible. Staying away from words like past participle, transitive, etc, so you don’t have to be an English Major to understand our course in Samoan.


This is your chance to interact with others.  We will provide you with situations and common dialogue that can take place in those situations.  For example how you might greet someone for the first time or asking where they are going tonight.  We will try to make it as diverse as possible so you can find many ways to use your Samoan Language.

We may add additional areas as needed.

We hope you enjoy the course and find it useful!

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